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TASA is a proud and progressive Peruvian based company that along with its 2800 employees, is part of the BRECA Group, one of Peru’s largest business corporations! TASA is the leading harvester and producer of fish meal and crude fish oil from the Peruvian anchovy fishery and is seen as an industry leader in sustainable fishery practices, environmentally friendly manufacturing and socially responsible business initiatives. The Peruvian Anchovy fishery has historically been the principle source of omega-3 starting raw material for up to 70% of all fish oil products sold globally!

TASA has earned a prominent leadership position within the Peruvian Anchovy fishery and currently holds 25% of the annual quota.  We believe this legacy of fishing industry leadership in sustainability, vertical integration and superior product quality is a perfect fit with the goals and aspirations of many of our future brand customers in the natural products industry!

In 2015, TASA took the next step in its own business development & by extension, aided the natural evolution of the Omega – 3 fish oil industry in Peru; by commissioning an ultra-modern, value added manufacturing plant in Pucusana,  45km south of Lima. The new state of the art facility produces high quality, fully refined 1812TG and assorted concentrate products for export to customers globally.

TASA’s Value Proposition with customers is built on 4 key principles:

  • Security of supply & access to TASA’s quota of ~ 25% of the annual Peruvian anchovy fishery

  • 100% vertical integration in Peru, leading to a reduced carbon footprint and full ingredient traceability from sea harvest to product application

  • State of the art, green manufacturing technology featuring fully automated and environmentally friendly production and waste water treatment processes.

  • A commitment to Omega-3 category leadership within the Peruvian anchovy fishery and through Executive Board level participation in the Omega-3 industry trade association GOED!


  • AOAC International
  • Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED)
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