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UAS Labs

United States

UAS Labs LLC has delivered high quality, science-backed probiotics to the natural products marketplace for more than thirty-five years. Our dedication to excellence starts with strategic probiotic strain selection and cutting-edge fermentation. Quality remains at the forefront throughout the manufacturing process in two facilities designed for probiotic viability. It is our unwavering focus on innovation and continual investment in gold-standard clinical trials that continue to set us apart while creating successful partnerships with private label and contract manufacturing customers globally.


  • DDS-1
  • The Probiotic Company
  • DDS
  • UASLabs The Probiotic Company
  • Lactobacillus reuteri NCIMB 30242
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1
  • UALrh-29
  • UALa-26
  • UABi-25
  • UABL-24
  • UALA-01


  • International Probiotics Association (IPA)
  • Natural Products Association (NPA)

L. acidophilus DDS-1® - Probiotic Strain

L. reuteri LRC™ - Heart Health Probiotic Strain

High Potency Probiotics

Adult 50+ Probiotics

Women's Probiotics

Probiotic Pixie

Children's Probiotics

Feminine Support - UASLabs

Feminine Support Probiotics

Contract Manufacturing - UASLabs

Contract Manufacturing - Probiotics

Kids’ Chewables  Digestive + Immune Support for Kids*

Kids’ Chewable Probiotics

Adult Regularity + Digestive + Immune Support

Adult Probiotics

Maintenance Everyday Digestive and Immune Support

Maintenance Probiotics