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Ultimate Biopharma (Zhongshan) Corporation


Ultimate Biopharma (Zhongshan) Corporation, known as "UBP", was registered in May 2006 with a registered fund of $23,600,000. The plant covers an area of more than 133,333 m². UBP is a professional manufacturer for food and dietary supplements.

With the effort of over 150 employees, we have gain a series of professional certifications, such as GMP(health food); HACCP; cGMP(USP/DSVP); FFRM (FDA) and EU.

We are expanding, more dosage forms will be available soon. Your inquires are welcome.


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Products&Services - 奥德美生物科技(中山)有限公司(英文)

Chewable Softgel

Quality Management - 奥德美生物科技(中山)有限公司(英文)

Quality Management

Products&Services - 奥德美生物科技(中山)有限公司(英文)

Enteric Coated Softgel

Products&Services - 奥德美生物科技(中山)有限公司(英文)

Production and Packaging Services

Products&Services - 奥德美生物科技(中山)有限公司(英文)

Natural Extracts

Products&Services - 奥德美生物科技(中山)有限公司(英文)

Minerals & Vitamins

Products&Services - 奥德美生物科技(中山)有限公司(英文)

Fish Oil Capsules