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Usarium Inc dba PLANETARIANS

Palo Alto, CA 94304
United States

35% protein, 18% fiber, 1% fat at the price of the all-purpose flour <$0.5/lb.

PLANETARIANS flour is available in two forms: a flour and crisps.

Typical applications: Pizza Crust, Burger Buns, Salty Snacks, Bakery Products, Cereals, Protein Bars, Dairy and Dessert Products, Pasta, Noodles, Lasagna, Vegetarian Food

Aroma and Flavor: Pleasant neutral taste, typical of sunflower seeds
Appearance: Tan

GM Status: Non-GMO
Allergen Statement: contains no “Big 8” allergens

Water Binding Capacity: 200%
Fat Binding Capacity: 80%
Fat Emulsification: 42%
Emulsification Stability: 10%
Replacing 30% of All-purpose flour with SunMeal doubles the protein and fiber content, keeping texture and costs the same.

Price: $0.5/lb
MOQ: TBD, lead time 6-8 weeks

Packaging: 25/50 lb. bags, 40 bags per pallet [Individual packing is possible on customer's request]


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