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Vesta Nutra

  • NattoNSP-2
  • Manufactured using advanced fermentation and purification processes, Vesta's Nattokinase NSP-2 is blended with a Maltodextrin carrier, leading to improved stability and longer shelf life.

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  • SAMe
  • SAMe is a natural alternative to using aspirin to control pain, which can lead to gastric side effects; may also support mood and joint health.

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  • AlphaPrime GPC
  • Alpha-GPC is naturally-occuring molecule which has shown long-term benefit in improving the transmission of signals between neurons.

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  • CogMaxx
  • Citicoline aids in warding off decline in mental capacity associated with aging and is prescribed as a pharmacological drug in most parts of the world.

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  • NeuraSharp
  • Neurasharp Noopept has been shown to have a multitude of positive effects on the brain, from enhancing brain function to reducing feelings of anxiousness.

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  • UltraCog PS-20 and 50
  • Phosphatidylserine is a naturally-occurring phospholipid important to the maintenance of the cell membrane, and it elicits important cell signaling that promotes healthy brain function.

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  • UltraCog DHA
  • UltraCog DHA™ derives from an all-natural, non-GMO marine source, offering the cognitive advantages of PS with the added benefits of unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

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  • UltraPQQ
  • UltraPQQ is a vitamin-like compound with important antioxidant effects. It functions by promoting the creation of new mitochondria, which supports heart health and cognitive functions.

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  • SAMe & NADH
  • Hygroscopic material absorbs moisture very easily, which can render it “unstable”. The capability to properly handle, manufacture, and package these materials is vital.

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  • Vesta Pharmaceuticals Corporate Brochure
  • Specializing in dietary supplements, contract manufacturing, packaging, formulation, research & development, quality assurance, and regulatory consulting. Committed to innovative products at competitive prices.™

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  • Fucoidan
  • Fucoidan has a wide variety of biological activities including eliminating free radicals through strong antioxidant properties, supporting a healthy immune system, and providing gastric protection.

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  • NattoMk-7 MCT
  • Vesta’s NattoMK-7 MCT™ functions mainly as a co-factor for an enzyme which is responsible for simultaneously supporting heart and bone health.

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  • NattoMk-7
  • NattoMk-7 Vitamin K2 simultaneously supports heart and bone health. Vitamin K2 is absorbed ten times better than Vitamin K1 from food products.

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