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Vital Solutions GmbH


Natural products for you 

Vital Solutions works globally in the field of natural ingredients for use in food, functional food, dietary supplements and traditional herbal medicines. It is an innovative and fast growing company specialized in the development and marketing of high quality, innovative, natural, science-based, proprietary, branded health ingredients.

Based on a market-orientated dynamic strong R&D platform, effective natural ingredients are being developed, which serve consumer demands and are not limited by taste and technological feasibility. Valid scientific facts are generated by phytochemical investigations, identification of mode of action, and confirmation of beneficial effects in human studies.

The branded ingredients allow our industry partners to develop innovative concepts which serve consumer demands to support quality of life, to feel good, and to age well.

Science for a Better Future

The brands are:

Benegut® for digestive health

Bluenesse® for cognitive health

Careflow® for circulation and energy

Care300® for metabolic health

Recoverben® for physical performance and recovery

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  • Careless
  • Bluenesse
  • Careflow
  • Care300
  • Recoverben
Recoverben®  sports nutrition recovery muscle strenght organic


Care300 glucose tolerance body composition SIRT1 AMPK organic


Careflow blood flow microcirculation endurance sports nutrition men's health beauty inside organic


Bluenesse mental health cognitive performance stress-relief kids health relaxation sleep


Benegut gut health digestive comfort immune balance regularity Perilla Shiso