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Shenzhen City McKin Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Sheng 518000

Kangmei McKin has always attached great importance to the process of raw materials, research and development, production process and packaging design, and cooperated with raw material suppliers in New Zealand, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Peru, Switzerland, Canada and other countries to realize the import of raw materials for the product line. Dedicated to build GMP production bases in Wuhan and Hangzhou, with 6 intelligent and high-tech workshops and 4 international leading production lines. With the technical support of Kangmei (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the annual production capacity reaches 500 million tablets. 200 million soft capsules, 120 million hard capsules, and 2 million cans of canned powder, the market competitiveness continues to increase.
In recent years, Kangmei McKin has focused on shaping its brand image, enhancing its brand influence and reputation, and delivering brand value. The company's entire line of product packaging upgrades, unified labeling "Kangmei Pharmaceutical", making the product more reliable for consumers across the country. Hot-selling products - vitamin C tablets (sugar-free blueberry flavor) product commercials are currently on the authoritative media CCTV2, CCTV4, CCTV7, CCTV9 and Jilin Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV and other hot broadcasts, high-speed rail lines multi-channel large-scale launch, covering the whole country. All kinds of consumer groups, diversified propaganda makes "Kangmei McKin" more common name.
Kangmei McKin has a professional marketing and promotion team, through a variety of promotional activities, deep into the store terminal, innovative launch of "store manager ordering meeting", "ten days to break 10,000", "single store single-day single product broken thousand" and other large-scale activities In the way, professional trainers provide continuous training support to dealers, covering terminal image management, shopping guide sales skills, customer management and other aspects, increasing consumer awareness of McKin, so that the sales of chain pharmacies quickly doubled. At present, Kangmei McKin has achieved nationwide coverage and has rapidly grown into a leading brand in the traditional channels of the Chinese dietary supplement industry.
In 2018, Kangmei McKin participated in the acquisition of the well-known health care products company, American Kanglong Group, which became the exclusive global distribution of K-Max CommScope brand, providing Chinese consumers with better health food and health services, and accelerating the layout of new pharmaceutical retail. Actively expand sales channels such as chain pharmacies.
In the future, Kangmei McKin will continue to implement the core values ??of Kangmei Pharmaceutical's “Greatest love hearts the common people”, strictly control the quality of each bottle of products, continue to exert strength in the health and wellness food field, and provide consumers with more and better Health service!


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