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ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Company

Westboro, MA 01581
United States

ZyCal Bioceuticals Healthcare Company, Inc. presents a breakthrough ingredient that helps support the body’s ability to grow new bone and cartilage tissue*!

                           * Cyplexinol® - Nature’s BMP-Complex is an ultra-premium, healthcare professional grade stem-cell activating protein complex, supported by clinical trials with joint                                           response in 7 days*!

                            * 2-Beta Coxatene® (2BCT) is the first immuno/inductive compound formulated specifically for retail brands and clinically tested with twice the joint power                                glucosamine  and chondroitin while supporting stem-cells activation*.

Cyplexinol ® and 2-Beta Coxatene® (2BCT) provide the critical, and now proven, missing signals for stem cell activation required to help support the body’s ability to grow healthy bone and cartilage tissue*.  PLUS, 2-Beta Coxatene® (2BCT) has an Immuno-Modulating Effect with clinically tested results*.

Cyplexinol® and 2-Beta Coxatene® (2BCT) represent quantum leaps in molecular nutrition and offers companies substantial advantages over traditional and even newer ingredients including; UC-II collagen, and egg shell membrane.**

    Key Benefits of our  Ingredients:  

  •   Helps support the body’s ability to turn on stem cell*
  •   Induces de novo bone and cartilage tissue growth*
  •   Immuno-Modulating Effects*
  •   Clinically tested to produce results in 7 days*
  •   Supported by 10 plus years of clinical usage and multiple clinical trials

**Independent laboratory testing using histological evaluation showed only the proteins in Cyplexinol® induced de novo bone and cartilage tissue growth, whereas UC-II and egg shell membrane did not induce stem cells nor grow new tissue.

        *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  • Cyplexinol(r)
  • 2-Beta Coxatene(R)
Cyplexinol(r)|2-Beta Coxatene(R)


  • Natural Products Association (NPA)
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