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Supplier Directory

Federal Equipment Company
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Federal Equipment Company

Federal Equipment Company is a reliable resource for pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment needs, with over 60 years of expertise working with manufacturers seeking to buy and sell used equipment.

Frutarom Health
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Frutarom Health

Years of experience have made Frutarom Health , a leading global manufacturer of high-quality health ingredients backed by the science, and supported with documentation and the regulatory compliance our customers demand.

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Factory 6

In addition to CBD products, here are some of the products we can create for you---

Fallwood Corp.

Fallwood Corp. is a supplier of bovine and porcine ingredients. We offer ox bile powder, intrinsic factor, glandular and liver products (bovine or porcine), as well as gland extracts of bovine or porcine origin.

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Famenity Co. Ltd.

Famenity researches and develops high-quality natural ingredients and botanical extracts backed by scientific studies. We offer the complete line of dietary supplements, functional foods, and premium cosmetics in both raw materials and finished products. Through our clinically proven ingredients, our client can make the value-added products securing safety and efficacy. Our top product lines are Silk Fibroin Peptide for memory and brain health, MR-10 for men's health, MS-10 for women's health, and EGF & bFGF for hair and skin care.

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Family Farm Organics International Limited


The creation of coconut sweeteners starts with the collection of the coconut sap from the flower of the coconut tree and does not harm the tree in anyway. It is low in fructose and offers various trace minerals and vitamins such as iron and zinc making it comparatively better than refined sweeteners. It contains a special fiber which slows down the absorptioin of glucose, allowing this to be a great alternative for diabetics because of it's low GI index.

Coconut Sugar

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Faravelli Inc.

As part of Faravelli Group, Faravelli Inc. is specialized in the distribution of raw materials for a large range of industries, namely food, nutraceuticals, animal feeding and fine chemicals. The nutraceuticals portfolio includes minerals, excipients, yeasts, antioxidants, sugar and derivates, vitamins, proteins, fibers, herbal extracts and natural carotenoids.

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Farbest Brands

Farbest brings the highest quality food & nutrition ingredients to you—from the world’s most trusted suppliers. We can help you meet the demand for clean-label ingredients with a full range of high-quality dairy and plant proteins, gum acacia, vitamins, vitamin pre-mixes, sweeteners and natural colors, as well as organic ingredients. In addition, our line of natural colors can be custom formulated to meet your specific color target, shelf life or process. Best of all, our products are always available at cost-effective pricing.


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Farlong Pharmaceutical

Farlong Pharmaceutical was incorporated in California in 1998. It is a vertically integrated herbal medicine and supplement company who has its own GAP certified cultivation base, GMP certified manufacture facilities and distribution channels for its herbal and dietary ingredients and supplements. Farlong also co-own and supplies to Acupuncture Corporation of America - a franchised acupuncture clinic chain that has over 25 acupuncture clinics across the U.S. 

The services that Farlong is offering are:

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FCI Flavors

Supplier of quality flavors for the natural foods and dietary supplements industries specializing in masking agents. Bring us your toughest flavor challenges. Try FlavorSweet ... Innovative Masking Technology!

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FEN Biotech LLC

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Fenchem Inc.

Headquartered in Nanjing, China, with sales, service and warehousing around the globe, we have established our brand as one of quality, consistency and reliability. For more than two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to state-of-the-art materials selection, manufacturing, logistics and service. Our international team has the knowledge and the commitment to support your company and customers. Choose Fenchem to be your trusted partner in supplying the highest quality, on time and at a great price.

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Ferrer HealthTech

Ferrer HealthTech (FHT) specializes in polyphenols for health and taste. The company developed two natural polyphenol-based flavor compounds, NF01 & NF02, that act as taste maskers. On the health side, FHT features Cardiose, a patented cardiovascular health ingredient, and Diosvein, a process patented vein health ingredient. Beyond polyphenols, FHT is behind MecobalActive for bioavailable B12 applications and Xerenoos for cognitive health.

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FiberSMART® is a family of all-natural, non-GMO soluble fibers providing superior functionality, low glycemic response and increased dietary fiber content for a variety of food applications. Available from tapioca or corn, the flagship FiberSMART® soluble fibers are unique in that they were formulated with moisture migration in mind as novel manufacturing technologies deliver low and consistent water activity levels resulting in increased production yields, reduced rejection rates and fresher products.

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Citri-Fi® 100, 125 & 150 Series:

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Fifth Nutrisupply Inc.

Innovation in the sourcing, development and customization of nutritional raw materials enables Fifth Nutrisupply Inc. to deliver outstanding customer service while providing the best ingredients in the industry. Our commitment to quality includes making sure your products are produced, quality tested and delivered on time, every time. With warehouses in Los Angeles and New Jersey, we stock most products on both coasts. empowering Fifth Nutrisupply Inc. to be your supplier. We are a U.S. branch of Sichuan Tongsheng Amino Acid Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Guangsong Pharmaceutical Co.

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Fine Foods International New York LP

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Fine Living Pharmanaturals