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Top Health Ingredients Inc.

Top Health Ingredients, Inc. has been a trusted leader in providing the highest quality non-GMO, plant-based protein, prebiotics, fibers & natural sweeteners to the functional food, beverage, and meat analog markets since 2009. We work closely with our manufacturers and valued customers to develop and supply unique and innovative plant-based solutions for virtually every application.

TR Nutritionals
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TR Nutritionals

Founded in 2005, TR Nutritionals is a leading bulk raw material supplier of dietary supplements, and representative for international manufacturers seeking distribution in the United States. Our years of industry experience and strong relationships provide our customers with an unsurpassed level of knowledge and personalized customer service, while our concise product list keeps us focused, providing a high level of value to our customers.

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T. Hasegawa USA Inc.

T. Hasegawa is recognized around the world for innovation and product differentiation that creates value for our customers and allows them to build their brand’s ?avor to unparalleled standards. Our passion for culinary creation uniquely position new product development or improvements for all your food and beverage formulations.

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TAANE Co. Ltd.

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Talus Mineral Company

Talus is the premier mineral ingredient partner. Our capabilities include: mineral chelates and complexes, custom blends and formulations, exceptional customer care and logistics support. Talus offers unmatched mineral solutions.

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TASA is a proud and progressive Peruvian based company that along with its 2800 employees, is part of the BRECA Group, one of Peru’s largest business corporations! TASA is the leading harvester and producer of fish meal and crude fish oil from the Peruvian anchovy fishery and is seen as an industry leader in sustainable fishery practices, environmentally friendly manufacturing and socially responsible business initiatives. The Peruvian Anchovy fishery has historically been the principle source of omega-3 starting raw material for up to 70% of all fish oil products sold globally!

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Tastepoint by IFF

We're the perfect blend of heart and science. Tastepoint is the newest name in taste, backed by more than a century of experience. In the past, you counted on us as David Michael and Ottens Flavors. Today, we're one company, fueled by passion and enhanced by the technology and insights of IFF. We're better because we're small enough to care and big enough to make it happen. Our purpose is to be the spark that advances our customers. We're an agile, energetic partner with a fresh perspective. Together, we'll create a fresh take on taste.

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Tate & Lyle

We Bring More to Market: Only SPLENDA® Sucralose delivers more, right from the start. With 30+ years of formulation know-how and thousands of recipes, our application team can help your reduced-calorie products get to market faster. And our two global production facilities make short work of logistics. Become a preferred partner of Tate & Lyle. Join our new SPLENDA® Sucralose PLUS program. Your entire team will benefit from concept-to-lab-to-market innovation, unmatched security and our industry-leading experience.

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Tatua USA

Tatua USA is a subsidiary company of The Tatua Cooperative Dairy Company in New Zealand.  For over 100 years, Tatua has been building the future of specialized dairy ingredients and dairy foods.

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TCI Co., Ltd.

TCI is a leading contract manufacturer in Asia of skin care, food supplement and functional food products. We provide our clients with solutions from product proposal, marketing, research and development (R&D) prototyping, design, manufacturing, quality control, legal to import/export services. Our team has received numerous awards for innovation and design. TCI’s strength lies in its research into new materials and production techniques. We are a trustworthy partner with an innovative and effective product that suits customers' needs.

Techno Food Ingredients

Techno Food Ingredients has been one of the leading sucralose manufacturers in the world for over 15 years. Techno Sucralose™ is being utilized by many top beverages, pharmaceutical, nutritional and food companies in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.Techno’s sweetener solution service also carries Acesulfame K, Aspartame and stevia providing comprehensive solutions to meet your needs. Our new line of products includes plant derived R- alpha lipoic acid and R-ALA-na, ; L-Tyrosine and N-Acetyl-L- Tyrosine. Our L-Tyrosine is Vegan certified suitable for all vegan needs.

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Technophar Equipment & Services (2007) Ltd.

Technophar - 3293 St. Etienne Blvd., Windsor, ON  Canada N8W 5B1

What we do – Technophar manufactures the innovative softgel machinery you need to produce high-quality capsules. We design our capsule manufacturing equipment to optimize the entire softgel encapsulation process. Meeting growing product demand with increased output capacity, easy cleaning, and reduced downtime during changeovers. Our customers can enjoy reduced labour costs, fewer defective capsules, and greater machine longevity.

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Terry Laboratories LLC

Terry Laboratories is one of the world's oldest and most trusted manufacturers of quality aloe vera extracts and concentrates. We have the right product for educated buyers who demand quality and purity. Terry Laboratories provides pure aloe products that are certified by the IASC (International Aloe Science Council) and carry Self-Affirmed GRAS status. Additionally, we have certified organic, kosher and Halal product offerings.