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Valensa Int'l.

USPlus(R) Saw Palmetto extract-  Pure Oil, 25% Powdered Extract and 45% Powdered extract

BetaVia(TM) Euglena Gracilis 1,3 Beta Glucan/Paramylon- Powder

Eye Pro CARMIS- Clinically trialed eye health supplement, turnkey softgels

Flex Pro MD- Clinically trialed joint support supplement, turnkey softgels

Zanthin(R) Natural Astaxanthin- Oleoresin, beadlets and turnkey softgels

Organic Spirulina-  Powder and tablets 

Organic Chlorella- Powder and tablets

Tomato Lycopene- Powder

Phycocyanin- Powder

Virginia Dare

For over 90 years, Virginia Dare has worked with our partners to build products delivering consumer preferred taste. As a global provider, we offer services from our headquarters in Brooklyn as well as a full facility in Shanghai. Combining formulation expertise with substantial knowledge in sourcing and producing natural ingredients, we join science, market insights, and sourcing to create business advantages for our partners.

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A worldwide leader in the design and manufacture vacuum conveying components and systems for receipt-to-process transfer of powders and granular materials for applications including packaging machine refill, direct charge blender loading, feeder refill, bulk bag unloading, bag dump stations, and more. Product range also includes air-operated, ATEX-certified combustible dust vacuum cleaners and central systems.

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Valens International

Valens is a globally present manufacturer of Q10Vital, water-soluble form of CoQ10 with superior bioavaliability and clinically proven absorption. Q10Vital is not only suitable for manufacturing food supplements, but also enables formulations in food and beverage products. Valens also manufactures finished dietary supplements, specialized in liquids, like syrups, tonics and oral sprays.

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Vance Group Ltd.

Vance Group Ltd. is a diversified business group that produces FORTRIENOL® (a palm oil-sourced vitamin E concentrate containing the full spectrum of natural tocotrienols and alpha-tocopherol), virgin red palm oil and pharmaceutical-grade refined glycerin, among other products. Our manufacturing subsidiary is ISO 9001:2008 certified and products from our food-grade facility are GMP, HACCP, FSSC, kosher and halal certified.

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Vanguard Archives

Outsource your retain sample management for product recall readiness and rapid response

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Vedan Biotechnology Corporation

Vedan Biotechnology is a world-class manufacturer of ingredients for dietary supplements and cosmetics in Taiwan. We adhere to a rigorous and sincere attitude with our professional biotechnology to bring healthy lives to consumers with high-quality ingredients. Products for health care functions are Chlorella, Chlorella Growth Factor, Spirulina, Nattokinase, algae DHA, ?-Polyglutamic acid and L-Glutamic acid. Our cosmetics ingredients are Chloessence SK(Anti-aging) & ?-Polyglutamic acid(Long-acting moisturizer).

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Vedic Lifesciences

Claims Guru

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Vegan Flavors

Vegan Flavors ambition is to exceed our customers most exacting specifications for every application. The mutual trust from being transparent with our flavors and pushing to improve leads to lasting relationships. Each liquid or powder is expertly custom formulated, made-to-order and produced to the highest specifications. All of our over 400 Vegan Flavors are offered in a variety of options: Certified Organic, Organic Compliant, Natural, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Allergen Free, Halal and Kosher.


Venable's food and drug practice operates at the intersection of the FDA and the FTC, an advantage that very few law firms can provide. We have decades of marketplace experience assisting clients at all stages of the product lifecycle – from product development and regulatory approval/clearance to advertising, marketing, brand protection and distribution. Venable’s successful representation of clients in FDA matters is due to a deep understanding of the statutes and regulations under which the FDA operates. Our attorneys bring in the trenches knowledge of the FDA's "regulatory culture."

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Venkatesh Natural Extract Pvt. Ltd.

Venkatesh Natural Extracts Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company that covers the international market and produces innovative botanical herbal extracts for multiple industries. Venkatesh Natural's expertise and technologies maximize the full potential of organic extracts, spices and seasoning, botanical/herbal extracts, and food colors. Venkatesh has sophisticated in-house analytical and microbiological labs.

Verdure Sciences

Verdure Sciences manages ingredient innovation throughout the integration of supply network, production and research platforms. We enter into long-term relationships with farmers, harvesters, and manufacturers for optimal botanical raw material supply and source. We conduct supply chain audits and field inspections. We promote environmentally friendly agricultural and extraction practices. We aim to exceed requirements of analytical and paper traceability, constantly working to improve product quality. 

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Veritiv/All American Containers

All American Containers, A Veritiv Company, is a leading International packaging distributor with over 40 years of Industry experience.  Our customer partnerships are built on our ability to provide innovative packaging solutions at competitive prices.  We add value to the supply chain by leveraging the buying power of an international organization.   We manage your components and enhance your cash flow by delivering only the products you need, when you need them.  Our goal isn’t just to help business hit their margins, but lead businesses in widening their margins of victory.

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Vermont Country Soap Corp

We manufacture a wide range of organic personal care bases and finished products for white label and private label use. Since 1992 we've originated numerous organic versions of personal care products used by people every day, and worked with many discriminating clients to bring their unique products to market.

Vesta Nutra

Vesta Nutra is a partner of companies that provide a comprehensive approach to fulfilling nutraceutical requests with specialized ingredients; along with services in manufacturing, packaging and research & development. We aim to fill the gap between nourishment and pharmaceuticals by providing quality products to enhance one’s wellbeing & health.

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Vesteraalens AS is a innovative seafood and marine ingredients company located by one of the world’s richest fishing fields in northern Norway.

Our headquarter is located in the city of Sortland in the northern part of Norway. In addition to this we have an sales office in Shanghai, China. We produce a wide variety of seafood products and marine ingredients. Our client base is spread all over the world including North-America, Europe and Asia.

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Victory Hemp Foods

Victory Hemp Foods produces highly functional ingredients to power the explosive growth in plant-based products across categories. Existing plant-based protein and oil ingredients each have drawbacks but Victory Hemp Foods’ proprietary V-70™ Hemp Heart Protein and Victory ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil deliver superior functionality, nutritional and sensory benefits for formulators and brands.

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Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients Ltd