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Yaan Times Biotech Co. Ltd.

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YanCheng MingYuan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Yancheng Ming yuan pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a trade enterprise engaged in the sales of raw materials for veterinary medicine, and the GSP certification of domestic veterinary drug is approved by enterprises. Companies and major national medicine, beast raw material production enterprises established stable cooperative relations.

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Yanchi County Yijian Biotechnol Co. Ltd.

Our company is a biochemical company based in Ningxia province in China. Our plant is located in the far North West region of China, which is less developed and polluted. Our main actitivties are the production and sales of both organic and conventional spirulina and chlorella.

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Yanchi County Yijian Biotechnol Co.,Ltd was founded in Dec 2012, by Mr. Dezhi Zhang, the legal representative of the company. Company registered capital is 10 million RMB. The main business sectors are culture, processing, internal sales, import and export trade of organic spirulina, phycocyanin and organic chlorella products. Yijian is known globally as one of the major suppliers of microalgae products across the world. Annual production rate is 600 Mt. Average annual sales income is around 5 million dollar..

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Yangzhou Rixing Bio-tech Co. Ltd.

Yangzhou Rixing Bio-tech Co. Ltd., established in 1995, is a professional and leading pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer in China. We specialize in D-glucosamine series, chondroitin sulfate series, chitosan series APIs and their finished products such as tablets, hard capsule and soft capsule of simple formula or complex formula. Importantly, we are one of the largest manufacturers of glucosamine in China with 1,800 tons of glucosamine capability yearly.

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Yantai Oriental Pharmacap Co. Ltd.

Oriental mainly develops and researches for HPMC plant-compound capsules, producing HPMC empty capsules from purely natural materials by advanced technologies. This project was granted a Chinese national invention patent in 2008 (No. ZL2005100596701). The products of Oriental Pharmacap apply to all kinds of filling machines in the market, standing in the front line of international technologies.

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Yantai Oriental Protein Tech Co. Ltd.

Yantai Oriental Protein Tech Co. Ltd. is a professional pea deep-processing company, extracting protein, starch and fiber from peas (non-GMO, allergen-free). It is widely used as a food ingredient and in pet foods. The company is certified HACCP, halal, ISO, CIQ, kosher, BRC and FDA registered. Oriental Protein Tech is a first pea product company that passed a USFDA audit in China.

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Yantai Shuangta Food Co. Ltd.

We are located in Shandong China, and we are a large pea deep-process company. The main products for us are pea protein isolate, pea fiber, pea starch and vermicelli. We are also a public company in this industry in China.

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Yantai T.Full Biotech Co. Ltd.

T.full is a plant protein and starch manufacturer in China. The company engages making and grading kinds of healthy protein including pea protein, fava bean protein and lentil protein. We are certified by ISO, FSSC, BRC, kosher, halal and organic for our products. The protein is widely applied to nutritional food, beverages and meat.

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Yantai Yiji Trade Co. Ltd.

In 2000, Yantai Yiji Food Co. Ltd. was established as a Sino-Japanese Joint Venture, specializing in agricultural products for the Japanese market. In 2003, Yantai Yiji Trade Co. Ltd. was established. We develop new health food that include hemp seed, hulled hemp seed, hemp protein powder, sea buckthorn powder, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, raisin, jujube, licorice root, allium mongolicum, goji berry powder tablets, Chinese thorowax root, astragalus(milkvetch root), scutellaria baicalensis and so on.

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Yichun Convita Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

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Yichun Dahaigui Life Science Co. Ltd.

Yichun Dahaigui Life Science Co. Ltd. is a leading Chinese food ingredient manufacturer. With halal, kosher and ISO certifications, we can supply mixed tocopherols, D-alpha tocoperhol, tocopherol acetate, tocopherol acid succinate, tocotrienols oil, vegetable squalene and plant sterols. All of our products are widely used in the food ingredient, cosmetic and pharma industries.

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Yichun Wujiashen yaoyeyouxianzerengongsi

Wujiashen Pharma, as a leading manufacture of herbal extract in China, has a long extracting history spanning over 35 years. Develop rapidly to a Group owned more than 188,906 m2 and 600 employees. Our main products are stevia extract, milk thistle extract, skullcap extract and siberian ginseng extract. We have planting base more than 1,650 acres for stevia and other herbs to control raw material`s quality and delivery time. We are certificated GMP, Kosher ,Halal and organic certificate.

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Yigeda Bio-Technology Co. Ltd.

Yigeda Bio-Tech. Co., Ltd supply and manufacture tailor-made Carotenoids and plant extracts including figure products: fucoxanthin, fucoidan, beta-cryptoxanthin, astaxanthin, resveratrol, curcumin, zeaxanthin to the leading factories in all countries all over the world. We also deliver the technical solution and formulation for weight loss and immune system enhancement products.

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Yixing Jiangshan Biotech Co. Ltd.

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Yixing Qiancheng Bio-Engineering Co. Ltd.

We are an ISO, OU, halal and HACCP certified Chinese manufacturer of aspartic acid, alanine, asparagine, glutamic acid, fumaric acid, etc. Our quality ingredients include amino acids and their salts, like magesium aspartate, potassium aspartate, etc.

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YTR Technology Inc.

YTR Technology Inc. is a leading raw material developer and distributor. All of our raw materials are made in GMP approved or ISO compliance pharmaceutical grade facilities. We are strong at rutin, quercetin, citrus serial extracts (hesperidin, hesperitin, citrus bioflavonoids, synephrine, narigine, etc.), green tea extract, yeast beta-glucan and St John's wort extract.

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Yuchen Biological Technology Co. Ltd.

The company is committed to natural plant extraction. We offer more than 20 kinds of natural medicinal plants that include ginkgo biloba, eucommia bark, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, radix paeoniae alba, polygonum cuspidatum, letinous edodes and gynostemma as raw materials of high purity monomer extracts and standard extracts.

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Yueqing Vancol Import&Export Co.,Ltd