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International Dehydrated Foods Inc.

IDF offers CHiKPRO™ Chicken Protein Isolate Powder, which is rich in essential and branched chain amino acids, as well as Bone Broth Protein, which is rich in type II collagen, to support your protein fortification needs. IDF ingredients offer quality protein and flavor to help maximize value across many new applications, including functional foods; sports nutrition supplements, bars, and beverages; snacks; meal replacement foods; and ready meals. For information on IDF's full line of proteins, broths, and fats, visit

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International Hemp Exchange

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International Pharma Packaging & Distribution

IPD is a high quality organization providing Third Party Logistics (3PL) services and secondary/tertiary packaging to pharmaceutical, life science and health care companies looking to outsource these needs. Our operational focus is providing the entire range of third party logistics: direct to consumer, retail and wholesale distribution, as well as providing secondary packaging, hand assembly and kitting. IPD's facility is cGMP, FDA approved, 21 CFR Parts 111, 210, 211 and 820 compliant. Our facility is also VAWD (Verified-Accredited Wholesalers Distributors) and STR Certified.

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International Probiotics Association (IPA)

The International Probiotics Association (IPA) is a global non-profit organization bringing together through its membership, the probiotic sectors' stakeholders including but not limited to academia, scientists, health care professionals, consumers, industry and regulators. IPA's mission is to be the unique platform where all these stakeholders interact and collaborate to increase probiotic awareness amongst all users and help enable the industry's sustainable growth.

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International Protein Colloids, Inc

International Protein Colloids, Inc. manufactures highly palatable pet food and pet treat binders and coatings. Whether you extrude, rotary mold, injection mold, or have a proprietary process, our protein binders will help you achieve high quality products with low breakage, low fines, excellent molding and crisper product lines. Difficult formulas are our specialty.

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International Vitamin Corp.

International Vitamin Corp. (IVC) is a leading global manufacturer of vitamins and nutritional supplements, including tablets, capsules, softgels, gummies and powders. With more than half a century of private label and contract manufacturing experience, an impeccable quality and regulatory compliance record, and resources focused on enriching your business by enriching the health and lives of others, we strive to be your preferred nutritional supplement partner.

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Contact Information for U.S. Location:

711 Parkland Ct.
Champaign, IL

+1 800 967 5352

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Intertek Champaign Laboratories

Intertek is a leading total quality assurance provider to industries worldwide, with a network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 42,000 people in more than 100 countries. Intertek Champaign Laboratories is a full-service analytical lab specializing in dietary supplement, functional food and natural products testing. As an FDA registered and ISO 17025 accredited testing lab, we provide botanical ID, raw material verification, finished product label claim testing, safety testing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products testing and complete stability (shelf-life) program.

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Inutra Solutions Inc. USA

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InvaPharm, Inc.

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Inventia Healthcare Ltd.

Inventia is a 30+ year old company focussed on developing innovative ways to develop dosage forms for the pharmaceutical industry -- now applying these validated technologies to provide benefits for the Nutraceutical Industry and their customers.

Our objective is to use our technologies and apply them to improving your product offering by making the products easier to consume for your customers, provide more efficacious products so as to improve customer compliance to the therapy. 

Our technology platforms can provide benefits such as - 

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Invisible Sentinel

Invisible Sentinel, a global molecular solutions company, is dedicated to providing first-in-class microbial detection tools. The Company’s core technology, Veriflow®, is a patented, game-changing platform that integrates molecular diagnostics, antibody design, and immunoassays. Veriflow® technology is currently applied across multiple industries including food safety and beverage quality. For more information, visit

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IPS-Ingredis USA LLC.

IPS-Ingredis is a trusted partner in the sourcing and supply of quality ingredients, concentrates, additives and flavors worldwide. Built on trusted customer and supplier partnerships developed over a number of years, our portfolio of products caters for the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Bakery, Confectionery and Cosmetics industries, and is supported by an international team of trading experts that bring specialized knowledge in both the products and countries we source from and deliver to. This helps us to source with the utmost care to ensure the best product profile for your goods.

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Iris Naturals Int'l.

Iris Naturals Int'l. is a supplier of high quality Brazilian rainforest dry extracts, specializing in functional ingredients, servicing the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical industries. Iris Naturals offers natural, kosher, and organic raw materials. Our top-selling raw materials are açaí, acerola, camu camu, cocoa, coconut, guarana, propolis and Chinese standardized products, such as 3 sources of collagen, and snail extract.

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ISC Gums

ISC Gums is a leading manufacturer of gum acacia and supplier of hydrocolloids for the food, pharmaceutical, nutrition and dietary supplement industries. Founded in 1941, ISC Gums is still family owned and operated. We manufacture a full line of gum acacia to suit your needs: clean label, all-natural, organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, Halal, SQF Certified, etc. ISC Gums is diverse, innovative, global and sustainable. We look forward to discussing your application and requirements; contact us today to for a solution to your texture and stabilization challenges.

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Ishaan Bio

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Isodiol International Inc.

Isodiol® has been on the leading edge of CBD research, development, and manufacturing from our very start. Over the years, we’ve made tremendous strides in the CBD space, founding subsidiaries and forging partnerships that have allowed us to manufacture goods in accordance with strict industry practices and standards.

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