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Supplier Directory

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Acai Amazonas

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Access Business Group

ABG is a full turnkey contract manufacturer for nationally recognized branded products in the following categories: nutrition, beauty, personal care and home care. For more than 55 years, we have been making skin care beauty products, nutritional vitamins and supplements (tablets, softgels and capsules), shampoos and conditioners, body lotions, body washes, laundry detergents and surface cleaners. We also have complete in-house label and carton manufacturing, as well as bottle blow molding and screen printing capabilities.

Acebright Inc.

Based in the greater Boston area, Acebright Inc. supports U.S. nutritional supplement products via our affiliation with Hegno Corp. Hegno is a high-tech company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing nutraceutical ingredients and feed additives. Hegno manufactures vitamins B2, B6 and H; L-lactic acid; oxytetracycline; griseofulvin; etc. Acebright is also affiliated with several corporations in China and India in the field of supplying pharmaceutical APIs, intermediates, finished products and providing pharmaceutical CMO services.

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Acetar Bio-Tech Inc.

1. Plant Extract Powder

-- Ginkgo Biloba L. Extract ;

-- St.John’s Wort Extract;

-- trans-Resveratrol;

-- Eleuthero Extract ;

-- Echinacea Extract;

-- Saw Palmetto Extract ;

-- Astragalus Root Extract ;

-- Grape Seed Extract ;

-- Tribulus Extract;


2. Plant Straight Powder 

Aceto U.S. LLC

Aceto US LLC., is a global, premier distributor of ingredients used in the nutritional, food and beverage and cosmetic industries. This includes amino acids, vitamins, supplements, minerals and other specialty ingredients. We offer more than 70 years of experience and expertise along with our commitment to quality and regulatory support.


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ACG North America

ACG capsules is one of the largest manufacturers of two-piece hard gelatin capsules catering to customers from both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in more than 100+ countries. ACG has pioneered a unique technology solution for printing on hard capsules and this technology offers a distinct identity to the brand, setting it apart from the competition.

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ActiveHerb Technology, Inc.

We offer over 200 varieties of Chinese herb extract granules, 100 varieties of condition specific formulations including many proprietary formulas. 

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ADH Health Products Inc.

ADH Health Products is positioned in the health and wellness market, with an in-house FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and is certified by NSF as cGMP. ADH specializes in research and development, custom formulations and state of the art manufacturing. ADH is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade health care products, including all-natural vitamins, minerals, botanicals and high-quality health supplements.

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ADM can help you get to market faster with more products consumers love and can feel good about. As an industry-leading provider, we offer a comprehensive portfolio featuring flavorful, colorful, functional and nutritious, and whole-food ingredients. From plant-based proteins and sweetening solutions to health and wellness ingredients, ADM has the ingredients for your next innovation success. Whether you’re looking for a single ingredient, custom ingredient blend or a complete product solution, we’ve got you covered.

ADM/Matsutani LLC

ADM/Matsutani LLC will showcase Fibersol®, a premier line of soluble prebiotic dietary fiber ingredients, at SSW booth #3265. Fibersol is included in the FDA’s dietary fiber definition and can fulfill consumer desires for tasty, fiber-full foods and beverages that are well tolerated and have proven satiety benefits. Fibersol contains 90 percent dietary fiber and has a low calorie content, with each gram providing only 0.02 grams of sugar and 1.6 Kcal., offering solutions for significant sugar reduction.

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Advanced Protein Technologies Corp.

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Advion, Inc. was founded in 1993 based on the novel techniques developed within the Cornell University laboratory of Dr. Jack Henion, a leading researcher in the field of Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS). The company’s vision was to become a leading provider of bioanalytical contract services to the pharmaceutical industry, a position it attained prior to the sale of its contract drug development laboratory business to Quintiles. Pioneers within the industry, Advion offers a variety of mission critical systems and consumables for life science research.

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Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies leads the industry with robust, reliable instruments that provide the ability to analyze, confirm and quantify substances of interest. Our workflow solutions enable you to maintain stringent practices from sample preparation, through analysis, to final report. When combined with our informatics architecture, large quantities of data can be managed while preserving the integrity and security of the results. Agilent offers a complete line of GC, LC, MS and spectroscopy instruments and technologies, as well as the related consumables, support and services.

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Agri-Mark Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Dairy Product Solids (Whey Permeate) are manufactured at the cooperative's cheese manufacturing plant located in Middlebury, VT. With cheese making operations beginning in 1994 and whey processing added in September 2000, the plant's processing equipment incorporates the latest in cheese making and whey processing technology. The plant processes whey from only the cooperative's cheese plants--it does not process any whey manufactured at plants not owned by Agri-Mark.

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Agropur Ingredients

Founded in 1938, Agropur is a top 20 global dairy producer and North America's largest producer of rBST-free whey protein with sales of $6.7 billion in 2018. Agropur US Operations boast eight ingredients-focused, SQF Certified plants located throughout Midwest with international support in Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, China, Netherlands, and Singapore.  Agropur Ingredients is behind some of the most prominent food, beverage, and nutrition brands in the industry providing future-forward solutions for cost performance, texture improvement, shelf-life stability, and nutrition enhancement.