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AllSWEET Allulose

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Aloe Jaumave S.A. de C.V.

Aloe Jaumave was founded in 1989, and from the beginning the company decided to settle in Jaumave, a small town located in a beautiful valley in the state of Tamaulipas, on the North East side of Mexico. Now, 26 years later, the company has expanded its activities to the growing, harvesting, processing and bottling of aloe vera (raw material and finished products) for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. After all this work, Aloe Jaumave has become a large supplier of organic certified aloe vera, and has always followed our original commitment: aloe vera.

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Aloe Laboratories, Inc.

 Aloe Laboratories, Inc. is an organic aloe vera farming and manufacturing facility that offers a variety of aloe juice and gel product combinations as raw material ingredients for other manufacturing companies or custom product formulas with our contract manufacturing and bottling services.  We also offer pure organic freeze dried aloe powders (both 100X and 200X) with no additives as well as freeze drying services for your aloe or non-aloe products.  Aloe Laboratories, Inc. also offers Nopal (cactus) juice and powder.  Aloe Laboratories, Inc.

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Aloecorp has the highest quality Aloe vera products available. Both of our product lines, ACTIValoe® and CERTIFIED PLUS® contain the highest standard of quality available. Manufacturers whose products contain ACTIValoe® may be given the opportunity to include the ACTIValoe® logo on their product packaging, as well as obtain additional technical support, testing and research.

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Alpha Plus Tech, LLC

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AlzChem LLC

AlzChem is the German manufacturer of Creapure®, patented creatine monohydrate, and Alipure®, solvent-free alpha lipoic acid. Aside from its function in sports nutrition, creatine contributes to brain function and memory, and participates in formation of bones and cartilage. AlzChem's unique backward integrated supply-chain provides reliable supply of high-quality purity products.

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Amax NutraSource Inc.

Amax NutraSource is an herbal extractor and cultivator of botanical products. Its manufacturing and operational facilities are GMP compliant and span three continents.

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Amazon Health Products

Amazon Health Products

In our commitment of preserving the Amazon rainforest, we work directly with small farming communities overseeing that the impact of our operations stay true to our beliefs. By doing so we are also able to offer the purest, most powerful superfoods. Great for your health, better for the planet (one serving at a time)!

I am Starseed®... bringing the power of the Amazon to you! 

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AMCO Proteins

AMCO Proteins has been providing high protein solutions to the food, beverage and nutrition industries since 1956. Our product portfolio includes; casein, caseinates, milk proteins, whey proteins, hydrolysates and functional blends, all used for a variety of applications. Our processing capabilities includes blending, hydrolyzing, spray drying and instantizing. Our science-based support team have allowed us to create solutions and provide the expertise that our customers are seeking to thrive in the ever-changing marketplace.

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AME Nutritional Ingredients

AME Nutritional Ingredients is a North American supplier of ingredients produced by our partners in Europe. Our high-quality dairy protein powders are the ingredients needed to satisfy consumer demand for nutritional foods and beverages. We also offer pea protein ingredients to meet the needs of non-dairy and vegan consumers.

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American Botanical Council (ABC)

Founded in 1988, the American Botanical Council is a leading international nonprofit organization addressing research and educational issues regarding herbs, teas, medicinal plants, essential oils, other beneficial plant-derived materials, and fungi. ABC’s mission is to promote the responsible use of herbal medicine and other beneficial botanicals.

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American Laboratories Inc.

American Laboratories Inc. was founded 50 years ago based on its knowledge of providing enzymes, proteins and flavors to various industries. Today, American Laboratories is proud to offer an extensive listing of more than 300 products to the food processing, pharmaceutical, veterinary health, nutritional, and companion animal industries in the United States and 45 countries around the world. Through its high-quality products and customer service, American Laboratories has become an industry-recognized supplier for the products it manufactures.

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American Lecithin Co.

American Lecithin offers a line of lecithin and phospholipid fractions for use within the nutraceutical and food industries. These products can be used as natural emulsifiers, penetration enhancers, delivery systems and active ingredients.

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American Process Systems - Eirich Machines

EIRICH Machines designs, manufactures & supplies individual mixers, dryers & reactors to complete turn-key plants for the processing of raw materials, compounds, waste & residues in a wide range of industries. The EIRICH product line for mixing, agglomerating, pelletizing, grinding, granulating & plasticizing, ranging from 1 to 12,000 liters can also be equipped with vacuum. The results of this process technology are synonymous worldwide for some outstanding achievements in the solution of problems in diverse applications.