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American Testing Lab Inc. is a full service ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory that offers advanced quality control and development services for a wide range of industries. 

Every minute of every day, our pretested ready-to-run GC, GC/MS, LC and ICP/MS instruments, validated testing methods, and trained scientists are aimed at helping you. Our services will improve the sensitivity, accuracy, and speed of your analytical routine laboratory testing; and stay a step ahead of the challenges in this complex market.

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Amerilab Technologies Inc.

At Amerilab, we are experts in the formulation, development and manufacture of custom effervescent and non-effervescent tablets and powders for our clients. We develop, manufacture and package products within the nutraceutical, supplement, sports nutrition and OTC products categories. We are a full service development and turn-key manufacturing facility. Amerilab handles projects from concept to commercialization. Amerilab is a large manufacturer of effervescent products in the United States. We are NSF/GMP/TGA certified, and manufacture in an FDA-inspected and approved facility.

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Amicogen Inc.

Amicogen is a technology-oriented company producing ingredients using an enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Key products include: N-acetylglucosamine for osteoarthritis and skin care; collagen tripeptide for easier and faster absorption; D-chiro inositol for PCOS and blood sugar support; and chitosan for fat binding.

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Amin Talati Upadhye

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Analytical Resource Labs

Analytical Resource Labs (ARL) is a full service microbiology and chemistry testing lab servicing the nutraceutical, food, cosmetic, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries. For more than 19 years, we have offered full microbiological and chemical services including routine micro, pathogens and preservative efficacy, ICP-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, FT-IR, UV-Vis, stability studies, as well as various USP wet chemistry analyses. We strive to exceed expectations for service, professionalism and value. We have locations throughout the United States to serve your needs.

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Anderson Advanced Ingredients, LLC

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Anderson Global Group LLC

Anderson Global Group LLC (AGG) is a privately held company dedicated to supplying ingredients to the natural products industry. We know what you want: unique raw materials that elevate your brand above the competition. Raw materials need to be safe, effective, proven and at a price that allows you to deliver value to your customers. We tirelessly scour the globe in search of innovation from GMP (good manufacturing practice) manufacturing partners and choose to represent only the best ingredients. AGG will save your organization valuable time and resources to focus on what you do best.

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Angel Yeast Co. Ltd.

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Anhui Jinlac Biotech Ltd.

Through this trade show, we are very excited and pleased to introduce our new  probiotic blends to the global market. PRONULIFE is our signature probiotic blends with solid clinical studies on human in gut health, stomach health, weight balance with solid clinical studies on human. These studies not only support the efficacy of our formula, but also makes our probiotics stand out among other competitors.

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AnMar Int'l. Ltd.

AnMar International Ltd. is a supplier of vitamins, amino acids and herb extracts. AnMar manufactures vitamin, amino acid and herb extract triturations and granulations, and offers custom blends. AnMar’s best-selling products are VitaPress® (directly compressible DCP), SpiraPure® (Spirulina), vitamin B12, methylcobalamin and co-enzyme B12 triturations, green tea extracts, vitamin E, vitamin K2 and R-Lipoic acid.

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Antares Health Products Inc.

We are manufacturers of vitamin E TPGS for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, personal care, cosmetic, animal nutrition, food and beverage markets.

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Anton Paar

Anton Paar offers a wide range of scientific, analytical and process instrumentation used in R&D, production, process and quality control in the food and dietary supplement industries. Specific instrument solutions include particle analyzers, rheometers, viscometers, Raman spectroscopy, microwave-based sample preparation for trace-metal analysis, AFM, density meters, polarimeters, refractometers and surface analyzers.