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BurntoRun - Heightened Endurance - Sports Nutrition

 BurntoRun® I Sports Endurance

BurntoRun® has been designed to increase endurance aptitude, mobilizing more efficiently the inner resources of the body to perform one step farther.

BurntoRun® enhances endurance in different kind of aerobic sports practices such are running, biking or swimming, or many others, through an increase of the VO2 max. This increase of the maximal aerobic capacity is obtained by enhancing the use of stored lipid as a preferred source of energy into the mitochondria.


Based on a combination of citrus extracts, guarana and L-carnitine, BurntoRun® will help to enhance endurance capacity as proven in a 2-month clinical study run on 20 recreational sportsmen supplemented with 1.3g/day of BurntoRun®. After 2 months, markers of endurance capacity and associated parameters are significantly increased:


  • Significant improvement of VO2 max
  • Preferred use of the stored lipids in place of glycogen
  • Decrease of heart beat at VO2 max


With this clinical study, which is publication pending, we confirm that BurntoRun® helps to improve endurance aptitude of the subjects at a daily dose of 1.3g/day.


BurntoRun® is available in water soluble powder form to be used in capsules, tablets but also in instant powder.

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