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Oxxynea - Polyphenol Concentrate

Oxxynea® I Polyphenol concentrate

Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits may impair the antiradical defense potential, leading to a higher occurrence of free radicals in the body. Fytexia developed Oxxynea® from a selection of 22 natural non-GMO extracts and concentrates to deliver an authentic spectrum of polyphenols. Acting as antioxidants, the spectrum of polyphenols in Oxxynea® scavenges free radical species to offer health benefits traditionally found in a Mediterranean diet.


While Oxxynea® delivers a similar amount of polyphenols as the level measured in 5 servings of the most consumed fruit and vegetables (19% difference as assessed with Folin-Ciocalteu analysis), Oxxynea® shows a significantly higher antioxidant capacity (82% increase as assessed with the ORAC 5.0™ assay)*. This was confirmed with the KRL ex vivo assay, which demonstrated that Oxxynea® increases the resistance of whole blood to oxidative stress by 214% when compared to the result obtained from an example of 5 servings among the most consumed fruit and vegetables*.



Demonstrated health benefits of Oxxynea® in an animal model:

In collaboration with the laboratory “Nutrition and Metabolism”, University of Montpellier, France.

  • 36 golden Syrian hamsters.
  • 12-week supplementation: Oxxynea® (equivalent to 800mg/day) or placebo.
  • 2 groups: Oxxynea® (n=18) and placebo (n=18).
  • HF (high-fat and high-cholesterol atherogenic diet).
  • HF + Oxxynea® (high-fat and high-cholesterol atherogenic diet + Oxxynea®).
  • The animal study was conducted to evaluate the health benefits of polyphenols from Oxxynea®. Bioavailability was proven by a 10% (p<0.05) increase in the plasma total antioxidant. Anti-aging benefits were confirmed by a decrease in radical oxygen species (ROS) production of 45% (p<0.05) and a decrease in total cholesterol of 12% (p<0.05) associated with the limitation of aortic fatty streak deposits (77% decrease, p<0.05). Together, these results demonstrate the high antioxidant potency of Oxxynea®.
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