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TensLess - faster recovery - sports nutrition

TensLess® I Sports Recovery


TensLess® has been designed to restore physical capacity, reducing muscle soreness and feeling of pain after a training session.

With TensLess®, recovery time is eased and shortened so that sportsmen can retrieve their physical capability sooner and resume training faster.


TensLess® combines the benefits of mangosteen, pomegranate and elderberry which demonstrated their efficacy when used in association in a first clinical study run with the Research center for high performance sport of the university of Murcia, in Spain, involving 13 subjects classified as recreationally active in a double-blind, randomized, cross over protocol against placebo.

These 13 subjects have been consuming TensLess® at the daily dose of 0.9g after their work out (involving eccentric exercise), on a daily basis, over 4 days.


Tiredness and physical condition after the sports practice have been assessed measuring delayed onset muscle soreness of the subjects, as well as muscular pain and circulating biomarkers of muscle damage:


  • DOMS (muscle soreness and associated discomfort) was decreased in the TensLess® group as soon as 1 hour after the exercise and over the 4 days.
  • Associated muscle pain was significantly decreased in the TensLess® group as soon as 1 hour after the exercise and over the 4 days
  • Associated markers of muscle damage significantly decreased: myoglobin and creatinine have been lowered in the bloodstream of subjects using TensLess®.


At a daily dosage of 0.9g, TensLess® helps to improve the marker of recovery decreasing the perception of muscle soreness and associated pain and reducing muscle damage after sports practice.

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