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élantria Algal DHA


élantria Algal DHA Features:

  • 4 times more stable than conventional algal DHA
  • Clean, enzymatic extraction – no solvents
  • Undetectable contaminant levels
  • Excellent taste, odor & color profiles
  • Highly sustainable
  • 2+ year shelf life
  • Allergen-free
  • GMO-free
  • 100% non-animal, suitable for vegans

Consumers of Omega-3 ingredients are more savvy than ever. And they want it all. Great organoleptics. Great nutrition and a wide range of ‘life choice’ features. Sustainability. Non-animal. Non-GMO. High purity levels…and more.

New élantria Algal DHA delivers all of these in a premium ingredient that features best-in-class solutions at every step of the growing, processing and stabilization process – delivering uncompromising quality to your customers.

Build trust with your customers with a premium quality DHA

élantria Algal DHA is produced from non-GMO microalgae Schizochytrium sp – one of the most concentrated non-animal sources of the compound. It is refined, deodorized and stabilized at state-of-the-art facilities in France under strictest quality control procedures. This includes a clean, enzymatic extraction process that is solvent-free. élantria Algal DHA delivers 40% DHA by weight in a non-GMO, non-concentrated form.

Truly non-GMO

With élantria Algal DHA, you can be assured you’re offering a true non-GMO ingredient. élantria microalgae is non-GMO to start with. But just as importantly, it is fed by non-GMO feedstocks.

Innovative stabilization is key to product quality

Algal oils rich in DHA are known to be very sensitive to oxidation – which can detract from both nutritional and organoleptic properties of an ingredient. élantria is stabilized using the Quality Silver® process – which both inhibits the onset of oxidation and prevents the oxidative cascade. This approach ensures a high-quality ingredient with a long shelf life – now guaranteed at over 2 years.

élantria Algal DHA via Quality Silver is more than 4x more stable than conventional algal oils

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