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γ-PGA - Other materials&Service - SUNGEN BIOTECH | Extrakinase,Natto K2™,Probiotics,OEM Service


γ-PGA Multi-effects Being the cosmetic-grade ingredient, BeautyOri™ has an extensive distribution of molecular weight. Different molecular weights of γ-PGA contribute to 14 skin care effects of BeautyOri™. Molecular weight of 200,000-350,000D functions in stimulating cell growth and tightening skin, 1150,000-1350,000D inhibiting TYR activity for better whitening effect, 1150,000-1450,000D increasing hydrating effect and reducing TEWL. Dual moisturizing Being the natural fermented ingredient for beautiful skin, γ-PGA form a protective film on skin surface to defense moisture loss and UV rays, but also to reduce the growth of bacteria and make your skin smooth. γ-PGA, fresh and not greasy, do not plug the pores, is different from the ordinary skin care products. Being a unique component to promote NMF growing, γ-PGA deeply infiltrates into the horny layer of skin and moisturizes the skin to take skin brightening to new height. γ-PGA is not a moisturizer of self-repair in skin care products.

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