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The Difference is in the Quality

Aloecorp has the highest quality Aloe vera products available. Both of our product lines, ACTIValoe® and CERTIFIED PLUS® contain the highest standard of quality available. Manufacturers whose products contain ACTIValoe® may be given the opportunity to include the ACTIValoe® logo on their product packaging, as well as obtain additional technical support, testing and research.

Applications: The medicinal and therapeutic properties of quality "biologically active" Aloe vera make it excellent for use in both nutraceutical (internal) and topical/cosmetic (external) applications.

Purified Inner Leaf Fillet Powder

Qmatrix® Purified Inner Leaf Fillet Powder

Spray Dried Purified Inner Leaf Fillet Powder


Purified Inner Leaf Fillet Juice

1X Purified Inner Leaf Fillet Juice

10X Purified Inner Leaf Fillet Juice

Aloe Vera Juice with Pulp


Purified Leaf Powder

Qmatrix® Dried Purified Leaf Powder

Spray Dried Purified Leaf Powder


Purified Leaf Juice

1X Purified Leaf Juice

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