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Products | Advance International, Inc.

Advance Protein Powder

Advance Protein Powder: APP is a superior marine-based protein product with the potential to be deployed on a global scale. A new formula synthesized from highly pure fish protein, it is flavorless, odorless, and non-hygroscopic (stable). Free from bacteria, it is 98.1% digestible within just an hour of intake or consumption. APP’s All Natural Fish Protein Powder Concentrate is extremely stable and has a long shelf life (5 years+ tested) with high compositions of naturally occurring organic minerals and a complete amino acid profile – which has a wide number of critical applications and therapeutic uses. For instance: Rapidly reversing the effects of severe malnutrition in children and adults in global hotspots Clinical use in physical therapy settings to assist in bone and tissue growth after injury and surgery As a nutritional supplement and calcium source for people with osteopenia and osteoporosis As a superior protein source in a hospital setting Major global markets such as heath & fitness (protein bars, shakes, drinks, powders), food ingredient protein additives, cosmetics & healthy pet food RUTF & RUSF (ready to eat food for the 3rd world) Alternative, perfect protein burger substitute

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