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Agar-agar | NEWTREE


The ‘agar-agar’ refers to the Gelidium Elegans Lamouroux. Other than this, it generally refers to the Beckerella, the Pterocladia, the Acanthopeltis, the Gelidiella, etc., and it belongs to the red algae. It adheres above the rocks at the depth of around 20m from the lower part of the low-water line in the coastal waters of our country, Japan, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, etc. There are the gametophytes of the males and the females separately. And the carpospores are made through the sexual reproductions. If the agar-agar is cleanly washed in the fresh water, the things that had been faded in the sunlight are boiled, and the residues are filtered and cooled down, they become the vegetable gelatines, and the vegetable gelatines that had been frozen and dried are the agars.