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Agglomeration: Zumbro River Brand Inc., Contract Manufacturing


Agglomeration Zumbro River Brand, Inc. utilizes Continuous-Batch Agglomeration Technology, to make ingredients or finished food products less dense, more free-flowing, and dispersible in liquids. Batch agglomeration creates a uniform particle size and distribution which reduces dustiness and improves mouth feel. Batch agglomeration caters to small volumes, as well as, truck load quantities. Fluid bed agglomeration also allows for inclusion of other ingredients (liquid or solid), such as flavors, colors or nutrients to provide value-added features for the finished product. Many types of powder can be agglomerated: Protein Isolates & Concentrates Organic Powders Hot & Cold Beverage Mixes Egg Whites Hydrocolloid Gums Sports/Nutritional Beverages Mixes Starches Sweeteners Click for larger photo: AgglomerationZRB has pilot plant test units with capacities ranging from 10 to 25 pounds per batch and production equipment for up to 600 pounds per batch depending on the final product density. Finished product can be packaged in bags, boxes or super sacks. View some of our products below.

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