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AiRScouter Head-Mounted Displays by Brother

AiRScouter Head-Mounted Displays

What is the AiRScouter head-mounted display? View Finder View Finder View Finder The AiRScouter puts an HD display where it's most convenient: right in front of your eye! The head-mounted display features an original optical design with 720p resolution and adjustable focus, and it connects seamlessly to your existing gear without any proprietary apps or hardware. AiRScouter is an innovative viewfinder solution that helps camera operators get the shots they want with comfort and ease. Unlike a monitor or an electronic viewfinder (EVF), the HD headset can be used at nearly any angle and in almost any condition, even in bright sunlight! With options for HDMI and HD-SDI connections, the AiRScouter works with a wide range of camera, gimbals, and stabilizer systems. Unlike traditional FPV goggles and drone headsets, AiRScouter offers drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators a unique opportunity to see what their drone sees and fly in first-person view while they comply with the FAA Part 107 regulations and maintain visual line-of-sight (VLOS).

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