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The clear yellow resin of Boswellia once treasured as the gift of kings, was the foundation of a flourishing commerce that dates to 3,200 BC. History holds that frankincense was as prized as gold. The history of boswellia - a close cousin of the biblical frankincense plant—stretches back some four thousand years, to ancient Egypt. Based on current research, this ancient herb has a very bright future. 

Scientific Studies catch up with Traditional knowledge

Chemicals called boswellic acids, found in Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata), may help prevent the cartilage degradation associated with osteoarthrosis. The results of clinical research indicate that boswellic acids can rival the anti-inflammatory action of NSAIDs, without their side effects. 

Commercial Boswellia Extract

Commercially available boswellia is standardized as an extract to a strength of 60–65% boswellic acid that includes β-boswellic acid 

Need for AKBAMAX®

For its anti-inflammatory action, only specific boswellic acids known as AKBA having a keto functional group are active. More importantly, it has been shown that other terpenes lacking these functional groups actually reversed and diluted the activity of AKBA. Considering that β-boswellic acid is the major component of commercial boswellia extract, it is imperative that this component be removed from the extract to prevent the above-mentioned undesirable effect.

Arjuna Natural limited a nutraceutical Company , widely known for its bioavailable curcumin product popularly known as BCM95, has introduced Boswellia Extract standardized on AKBA under the brand name AKBAMAX® to further strengthen its presence in the segment.

Commercial Boswellia extracts contain at least 6 boswellic acids with the most active constituent, AKBA being present to the least amount, typically 1– 3%. In comparison AKBAMAX® contains only 3 boswellic acids the active core of Boswellia Serrata, with AKBA content enriched four-fold. β-boswellic acid, which is the major component of commercial extracts, is ABSENT in AKBAMAX®.

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