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Alcamizer - Kisuma Chemicals


Alcamizer Natural gas pipelinesThroughout the European PVC Industry's voluntary commitment to non-heavy metal heat stabilization systems, Kisuma Chemicals has pioneered the development of optimized halogen scavenging hydrotalcites for use in lead-free systems. ALCAMIZER® is the brandname for this range of environmentally friendly hydrotalcite products specifically designed to be used as halogen scavengers in heavy metal free stabilizer systems for PVC. Designed for Performance ALCAMIZER® products are generally considered to be the best of their kind. The exceptional stabilizing effect of ALCAMIZER® in PVC originates from its capability to effectively scavenge chloride ions that are released during thermal degradation of the polymer. ALCAMIZER® will exchange the carbonate in its crystal structure for available chloride ions. Since chloride ions bind strongly to the inorganic host, they are rendered harmless, preventing further acceleration of PVC degradation. Advantages of ALCAMIZER® Suitable for Calcium Organic and Tin stabilizing systems for PVC Promotes excellent thermal stability and color hold for PVC applications Complies with all standard requirements for safety and handling Outstanding properties for transparency because its refractive index is similar to that of PVC Superior characteristics for dispersion, weatherability and compounding with high dosage levels Suitable for all types of PVC resin including suspension, emulsion,

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