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The Algalif Advantage

Algalif is built on a foundation of quality, purity, and sustainability, and we remain firmly committed to these principles. Our combination of high-quality, clean, sustainable microalgae is very relevant in today’s market and bodes well for the future.

Quality & Safety First

  • State-of-the-art, cGMP-compliant facility
  • High level of astaxanthin content in the dried algal biomass (over 7%)
  • High ratio of pure astaxanthin to other carotenoids (≥ 95%)
  • No quantifiable amounts of heavy metals
  • Full analytical characterization of our products

Icelandic Purity 

  • One of the most sustainable countries in the world
  • Icelandic water is extremely pure, low in minerals and unchlorinated
  • The country generates 100% of its electricity from clean energy, using only
  • 35% of its estimated potential
  • Iceland has better air quality than nearly all OECD-countries

Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Facility 100% powered by renewable geothermal energy
  • Proprietary lighting system, enabling 50% reduction in energy use
  • Our production methods allow for 0% water evaporation, while some astaxanthin manufacturers lose up to 20% of water per day
  • Algalif doesn’t have to cool, heat, or move water during our production process, allowing us to conserve water
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