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Alpha-lactalbumin - protein for infant formula

Alpha-lactalbumin is rich in essential and conditionally essential amino acids and is the dominant protein in human milk, comprising 25-35% of the total protein content. We have two alpha-lactalbumin enriched products in our infant portfolio. These are marketed as Lacprodan® ALPHA-10 and Lacprodan® ALPHA-20 and can support gastrointestinal health and protect against intestinal infections.

These products are ideal for low protein infant formulas due to the high content of essential amino acids. Low protein formulations are associated with reduced risk of obesity in infancy, childhood, and adulthood. So by adding alpha-lactalbumin the overall protein content of infant formula can be reduced and thereby mimic human milk in terms of protein concentration.

Several clinical studies have investigated the functionality of alpha-lactalbumin and identified important benefits for infant nutrition, development, and health. One of the observed effects when using alpha-lactalbumin in infant formulas is an infant growth curve more similar to that of breastfed infants.

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