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L-Leucine|L-Isoleucine|L-Valine|L(-)-Proline--AMINO LIFE(Jiangsu) Biological Engineering CO.,LTD.

Amino acid granules

Amino acid granules No. Product name CAS No. 1 Branched chain amino acid BCAA 2 L-Leucine granules 61-90-5 3 L-Isoleucine granules 73-32-5 4 L-Valine granules 72-18-4 5 L-Tryptophan granules 73-22-3 6 L-Tyrosine granules 60-18-4 7 L(+)-Glutamine granules 56-85-9 8 D(-)-Aspartic acid granules 1783-96-6 9 L-Cystine granules 56-89-3 10 L-arginine L-aspartate granules 7675-83-4 11 Other granulated amino acids

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