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36 CAPSULES OF 540 mg

AndroDAM is  a composed of  plant extracts fromTribulus terrestris, Fenugreek and Eruca sativa. Eruca sativa (titrated in icariin) and Tribulus (titrated in saponins) favor the functionality of the urinary tract; Fenugreek (titrated in fenuside) promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and the control of testosterone. The combination of these components can have a positive action in the treatment of Andropausal Syndrome. Women’s health problems have always been talked about, unlike those that affect men after the age of 50. During this period, in fact, in addition to controlling the functionality of prostatic values (PSA) it appears to be important to keep under control even a whole series of related and correlated values such as blood glucose, blood pressure and cardiac function concurrently. The intended use of AndroDAM is therefore to monitor: the levels of testosterone; the consequent activity of the phosphodiesterase type 5, and thus the action of this enzyme on prostate tissue;  the rebalance the blood glucose levels;

Tribulus terrestris: a plant traditionally used for centuries in India to increase male and female fertility. Today we know that it can raise the rate of LH in humans by determining the increase in testosterone. The hormone-like effects are related to the presence of some of these substances called saponins which are in the plant; in particular, the protodioscin, a steroidal saponin, would have the capability of raising the endogenous production of various hormones (testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, LH, DHEA, DHEA-S etc.).
Fenugreek: despite its name, it is a plant native to Asia. A particularly interesting action, which has shown to have even in several clinical trials, is to normalize the sugar level in the blood and therefore it is an aid in case of diabetes (especially in cases of type 2 diabetes), it also promotes the lowering levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and LDL; increasing HDL instead.
Eruca sativa: better known as rucola or salad rocket, contains icariin in its phytocomplex, which from a chemical point of view, it is a flavonoid glycosylated. From an andrological point of view, this substance has been shown to have a dual effect: it partially inhibits the activity of the isoform I of phosphodiesterase type 5 and it moderates the release of oxide and nitric dioxide, thus determining the modulation of the production and activity of the different isoforms of NOS (nitric oxide synthase – nNOS, eNOS and iNOS).

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