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strbio | 12times immune booster

Animal feed additives


This is STR Biotech’s product for the animal and fish feed markets. It is produced in a fermentation process usingLentinula edodes mycelium and contains bio-active component beta glucan. Dr.Immune is a brand name for animal feed additives. It is made of bioconverted rice bran. We choose Rice bran as a source material for bioconversion because it include hemicelluose which can converted to arabinoxylan, another polysaccharide that has immune modulating properties. Because rice bran was bioconverted we only use edible foods and enzymes, so it is sold as  food in Korea.

Dr.Immune has been thoroughly tested in in-vitro systems, ex-vivo systems, in three mammalian species (rats, mice and pigs), in one avian species (chicken), and have a plan to test with fish species (trout) and shrimp.

Dr.Immune has very high immuno-modulating potency, so we don’t need to purify or concentrate it. Many farmer use Dr.Immune for the protection of PED, PRRS, FMD and other diseases. One of the most big Pig farm company decided to use Dr.Immune to all of their farms recently.

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