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AnthOrigin - ChromaDex


AnthOrigin™ undefined undefined What is AnthOrigin™? A US origin, water-extracted, non-gmo purple corn husk extract containing ≥15% anthocyanins Why is AnthOrigin™ so interesting? The beneficial compounds in AnthOrigin™ are anthocyanins and other healthy polyphenols. Anthocyanins are a group of healthful antioxidant compounds within the flavonoid group of plant nutrients. Over 50% of AnthOrigin™ anthocyanins are cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G) – one of the most clinically studied of the anthocyanins. The particular variety of purple corn grown in the United States for AnthOrigin™ maintains more of its rich, purple anthocyanins in the husk versus in the kernel than traditional varieties. Once dried and ground, similar to tea leaves, this material becomes ideal for a heated, clean water extraction. AnthOrigin™ anthocyanins are extracted in North America using a proprietary, solvent-free, water extraction technology called the PhytoClean™ Method which delivers a high anthocyanin content tool, that is then dried into a powder, ready for your clean label product innovations.

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