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Anti-Stick Products for Food Processing

The production of many food and confectionery products is a continuous battle against sticking at many points of the manufacturing process. IFC Solutions’ Release / Anti-Stick Products are specifically formulated to prevent your products from sticking to the surfaces they come into contact with during production.

Regardless of the application, formulations are available as:

  • Kosher
  • Allergen-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Trans-Fat Free
  • Certified Organic

IFC Solutions’ Release / Anti-Stick Products include the following:

CONFECTO™ Anti-Stick Products for Confectionery and Baked Goods Manufacturing
IFC Solutions offers more than a dozen formulations to prevent candy (hard candy, taffy, brittles, etc.) from sticking to kettles, cooling slabs, conveyors, cutting equipment, extruders, etc.

EEZ-OUT™ Anti-Stick Products for Meat and Poultry Processing
These cost-effective products prevent meat and poultry products from sticking to netting, racks, molds, cans, trays, conveyors, etc. All EEZ-OUT™ products are acceptable for use in USDA inspected meat and poultry facilities!

RELEASE-EEZ™ Anti-Stick Products for General Food Processing
RELEASE-EEZ™ formulations are effective in a wide range of food processing applications, including conveyors, cutting equipment, ovens, fillers, etc.

IFC Solutions’ Specialty Products Include:

SUGAR-EEZ™ Sugar Dissolving Lubricant

SUGAR-EEZ™ is a unique food grade product that performs two distinct functions. It:

  • Dissolves sugar on equipment where there has already been a build up.
  • Prevent sugar build up when applied to and maintained on your equipment.

NO-STICK “N”™ Conditioning Agent

When mixed into your product at the end of the cooking process, CONFECTO NO-STICK N™

  • Acts to minimize the negative effects of humid and hot conditions.
  • Works effectively to reduce stickiness in your finished product.
  • Extends product shelf life by absorbing moisture which leads to product degradation.

We specialize in developing custom blends to solve any Sticky processing problem! There is no extra charge for custom formulations.

Please click on the appropriate Sample Request Form to provide us with the information we require in order to provide you with useful samples to evaluate.

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