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LOTTE Fine Chemical


Texture in foods is closely related to taste, mouthfeel, and customer’s sensory for delight. For these reasons, companies are looking for perfect texture enhancements providing moistness, softness, crispiness and etc. AnyAddy® can be a perfect solution provider for food companies. AnyAddy® performs many functions in foods, depending on type, grade, usage, and processing conditions. AnyAddy® has many properties such as thermal gelation, film formation, thickening, binding, and water retention. AnyAddy® helps to improve product quality of many foods and beverages by improving texture and mouthfeel. These texture enhancement functions provide the food companies great productsquality appearance. AnyAddy® provides numerous functionalities including : viscosity enhancement, freeze-thaw stability, water retention, oil-uptake reduction, boil-out control, film former, binder, emulsification, and gluten replacement. The application examples of AnyAddy® for improving texture are proven. AnyAddy® can be added to many types of foods, such as baked goods, fried foods, meat products, beverages, sauces, dairy, desserts and toppings etc.

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