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Application Development - CP Kelco

Application Development and R&D Support

Application Development and R&D Support  - The Mission of CP Kelco Innovation and Capabilities is to continuously evolve and innovate our product offering, improve our application knowledge and leverage learning across our manufacturing and product portfolio to the benefit of the customer. CP Kelco Application Development and R&D teams thrive on customers who challenge us with their “What If…” These challenges have enabled CP Kelco to develop the differentiating service of food research consulting and application development expertise for a multitude of end-use fields. Our goal is to leverage our fermentation, extraction and cellulosics knowledge to develop products and formulations that make our customers more competitive in their market space. Recent innovations span across multiple industries: New cellulosic polymers tailored for the wet end of the papermaking process, New biopolymers engineered to withstand hostile environments in deep oil drilling systems, Nature-based stabilizers for use in the personal care and cosmetic industry, Novel suspension aids for unique beverage creations. CP Kelco’s teams of Chemists, Microbiologist, Chemical Engineers and Application Scientists bring industry training and decades of experience to customers to develop solutions to meet their specific market needs.