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lab mixer for small batches or R&D

OptimaBlend® Lab Blender FPB1P5

OptimaBlend® FPB-1P5 Sanitary Lab-Sized Fluidizing Blender is the newest and most innovative addition to the industry’s most comprehensive line of mixing equipment offering a balance of mixing speed and efficiency with low equipment cost and consumed power. This new size is ideal for lab work, R&D and small scale production.

OptimaBlend® eliminates roll apart segregation caused by gravity when mixing ingredients of greatly varying density, shape and size by fluidizing. Fluidization is achieved by a combination of a defined geometry lifting action with a triple paddle, multi-zoned rotor turning about 80% faster than a traditional ribbon blender. Incredibly precise low CV blends are achieved in less than 60 seconds for most powdered ingredients.


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