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Aronia (also known as chokeberry) has been commonly referred to as “nature’s best kept secret” despite its incredible health and wellness benefits. But its popularity is growing exponentially and those who have discovered aronia recognize it as one of the original and true superfruits. Aronia is actually native to North America but after decades of being predominantly grown and marketed in Poland and Eastern Europe, aronia is making a comeback in the United States. Artemis International pioneered this effort of bringing America’s superfruit back home, and now works closely with growers across the country to educate, build awareness, and grow the market.

The aronia plant is extremely hardy and berries are typically harvested between late August and early October. Aronia berries have a very unique flavor and are quite tart from the high content of tannins (hence the nickname “chokeberry”). In addition to being a natural colorant, aronia has also gained popularity as a healthy food source with the fruit and juice used as ingredients in beverages, confections, baked goods, jams, fillings, sauces, wines, etc. These phytonutrient-packed berries have also been widely studied in research programs seeking to improve health through the use of natural ingredients for food and medicinal use. The most significant scientific findings so far have been in the areas of cardiovascular support, glucose metabolism, cellular health, gastric support, anti-inflammatory activity, and antioxidant capacity. Its high antioxidant capacity is in part due to the high content of anthocyanins. Aronia’s unique anthocyanin profile is also what contributes to its myriad of measureable health benefits. This is definitely a dark berry you will want to remember.

Aronia Health

  • Contains the HIGHEST anthocyanin content compared to other fruits and vegetables
  • Contains one of the HIGHEST antioxidant capacities compared to any other North American cultivated berry
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism
  • Promotes healthy aging, immune, and inflammation responses
  • Offers gastric support
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