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Astaxanthin applications | Algamo

Astaxanthin applications

Astaxanthin applications Dietary Supplements The primary use of Astaxanthin for humans is as a dietary supplement. Research suggests that, due to Astaxanthin’s antioxidant activity, it may be beneficial with respect to many different diseases. Astaxanthin is frequently consumed in the form of soft-gel capsules, but also may be found in liquid form and used for the preparation of food and drinks. Cosmetics Thanks to its proven anti-aging and reparative effects on human skin, Astaxanthin is also widely used as an ingredient in the cosmetics products of some of the world’s leading beauty brands. Aqua-, Agriculture and pet food supplements Astaxanthin can also be used as an animal feed additive providing orange to red color in farm-raised salmon and egg yolks. It represents only a small part of the salmon feed, while constituting a significant component of the total cost of the feed. With rising consumer education and awareness, the demand for using natural colorants instead of synthetic ones has increased. Astaxanthin is becoming increasingly popular also as a supplement in pet food. The studies have shown that e.g. dogs and cats can not only absorb astaxanthin but it could positively affect their vision and enhance their overall health.