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Aster spathulifolius | NEWTREE

Aster spathulifolius

As a perennial plant of the dicotyledonous plant campanulales asteraceae, because it is grown on the seaside, the aster spathulifolius is, also, called the “Daruma-giku”. After growing up obliquely, it grows up to the height of 30cm~60cm. Although the leaves are dislocated, with the shape as if an egg was erected upside down, because, at the bottom, it gathers, it is thick, and the hair has densely come out on both sides, it looks white, and, at the edges of the leaves, either they are flat or there are a little bit of the sawtooths. The flowers blossom from July until November. They are light purple. The fruits mature in November. And the pappai are light brown, and there are the gray furs. The leaves are edible. The aster spathulifolia are distributed at the south of the central part of Korea and in Japan. Ulleung-do, Gyeonggi-dong, and Jeju-do in our country are the main production places. Regarding the harvest, there is no special method. It grows in the wilderness. And the time for the harvest is around June ~ July and around October ~November.