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AutoCoater Next Gen is a result of our thorough understanding of the needs of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry, especially their ability to respond quickly to the demands of their markets and more importantly to produce high quality products, consistently.

Our clients require their coating systems to be able to produce coated products within high quality standards and at the same time with high efficiency in terms of material usage and energy consumption.

That is why we are constantly innovating & enhancing our AutoCoater range of coating systems. All our AutoCoaters are designed & manufactured keeping cGMP as an integral specification.

AutoCoater Next Gen - High Efficiency / Clean Design / Improved Control

Inlet Air Handling Units (AHU)

Our range of high quality air handling systems are an integral part of our AutoCoater Tablet Coating System. The control of temperature & humidity within the AutoCoater is critical to the performance of the AutoCoater and we make sure that each AHU is designed for the application. Each unit is designed to meet the customer’s inpidual needs and these air handling systems can be configured to meet the most demanding environmental conditions.

  • Modular design to meet process requirements and space limitations.
  • Dehumidification of inlet air using chilled water, brine or desiccant systems.
  • Mist removal system is provided.
  • Air Heating system with a choice of energy sources such as steam or electrical energy.
  • Filtration to the highest standards.
  • Freedom to Choose Air Flow

Now as a customer, you are free to choose between air flow technologies that will provide best results for your particular products. You can choose either the internationally proven spray axis air inflow pattern or the horizontal air flow pattern.

Anti Bearding Spray Nozzles

With the new Anti-Bearding Nozzles, an excellent spray pattern is achieved without any beard formation. For the first time the distance between the bed & the spray nozzle is displayed on the HMI screen. The spray angle and distance are adjustable. The nozzles are easy to clean.

Changeable Pan System

Now, you can exchange a 60” pan for a 48” pan in the equipment. This gives batch size flexibility in the same equipment. Investment is only required for a single piece of equipment. This feature is modular and can be supplied as an option.

Single Tablet Discharge

The discharging system is designed & engineered to discharge a single tablet from the pan without manual intervention. The discharge system can be installed without any tools & is easy to remove from the pan after discharge.

Robust & Reliable Process Control

With an Industrial PC at the heart of the equipment control center, all the process parameters are within very accurate control as well as accessible for operator to monitor as well as record. Exhaustive controls are provided for utilities as well.

Optional Features

  • Pan interchangeability ( with trolley and Parking racks up to 60” )
  • CIP / WIP Systems
  • Sugar Coating System
  • Exhaust Air Treatment Systems
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