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Avatar, the latest addition to the All-Fill Inc. product line, helps customers meet their packaging needs with vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machinery. Avatar is the perfect compliment to All-Fill’s product feeders, auger fillers and checkweighers. Avatar provides a complete vertical filling solution capable of handling any product that requires laminate film structures and polyethylene films. A variety of filling methods are integrated with the Avatar line to package products such as spices and seasonings, flour based products, coffee, snack foods, candy, chemicals and liquids.

All-Fill takes great pride in providing packaging lines that incorporate all three phases of our business model. All-Fill’s capabilities are truly on display when an All-Fill auger filler, vibratory filler, or piston filler is mounted on an Avatar VFFS while the Alpha Checkweigher validates proper functionality of the line. Avatar willingly integrates combination scale net weigh systems that can easily be customized at the request of the customer.

While Avatar is a new addition to the All-Fill family, the machinery has been around for quite some time. The first Avatar machine was developed by Brian Klughardt in Alabama in 1993. The Avatar product line has changed names throughout the years, upon All-Fill’s acquisition of the product line in 2011, it was decided that honoring Brian’s original vision was appropriate. Under All-Fill ownership, Avatar is best prepared to grow and customers should expect the same level of expertise, design, service and support that has made All-Fill and Alpha industry leaders.

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