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Baby Food

Because we, at Diana Food, care about parents’ needs for the most natural and healthy food for their little loved ones, we provide to baby food manufacturers our highest quality solutions from a complete natural and clean label range of fruit, vegetable, meat and fish products. 

And because we believe that only the best ingredients can meet our quality standards when it comes to sourcing, we strictly select our suppliers, based on a deep agronomy knowledge. Therefore, we commit to insure full traceability and sustainability of our products, complying to every country regulation and customers’ specific requirements all around the world.


 What does every parent want:

  • CLOSEST TO HOME-MADE FOOD – All the parents in the world wish they could feed their children homemade, various, healthy and tasty baby food every day. But, as a busy day counts only 24 hours, most of them don’t have the extra time to cook on a daily basis! So, when it comes to choose a brand for their baby food, they are deeply anxious about the quality of the ingredients used in the meals. Baby food brands understand that new frame of mind of their customers and tend to formulate their products with more natural ingredients and shorter ingredient lists.
  • ORGANIC brands are exploding and are nowadays the main growth’s drivers of the baby food category. Because consumers increasingly avoid processed products, preferring natural ingredients and greater transparency around production and sourcing.
  • TRANSPARENCY & TRUST are key in the baby food business. Today’s parents are more and more aware of health issues linked to the quality of their children diet. This is, for brands, a major leverage to seize to increase their credibility.
  • GROWING UP MILKS – from 1 to 3 years old – are comforting solutions to complement the diet of young children who can often be fussy eaters when it comes to solid food.



We, at Diana Food, are fully commited to provide healthy and nutritional solutions to ensure the best future for your baby. That is why all of our Diana Food solutions are made from natural and high-quality raw materials. We select only the best that nature can provide from a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood products, chosen for their optimal nutritional qualities. Because, for us, guaranteeing that baby food is healthiest as possible is furthermore than a commitment, it is scripted in our DNA.


As they grow, babies are increasingly curious about any kind of new food, touching and putting in their mouth everything they find, even non-comestibles! Parents and caretakers enjoy helping them to try, recognize and learn the taste of ingredients, discovering every day new aromatic profiles and colors! As a leading key player of the sector, we, at Diana Food have a major part to play in this discovering steps by providing the most tasty solutions and attractive baby food in terms of texture and colors. Our objective being to provide real sensations with new textures adapted to each baby’s age.


Thanks to our integrated team of agronomists, we ensure only the best quality of ingredients through a strict selection of suppliers and a variety improvement, in total cohesion to agricultural regulations and high standards applied to specific and sustainable farming methods. We believe that regulation is key, even if it generally applies to ready-to-eat products. Therefore, our tailor-made baby food solutions meet all specific requirements and local legislation because we guide our customers in complying with local regulations. Our production plants are regularly and highly rigorously controlled from A to Z: verification of incoming raw materials, on-line controls, final checking of finished products and foreign body management.

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