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Bact alert bottles, BacT/ALERT® 3D Dual-T | bioMérieux Industry website

BacT/ALERT® 3D Dual-T

BACT/ALERT®3D Dual-T Fully automated microbial detection system Rapidity Traceability Ease-of-use Add to my selection Do you need more information Contact us OVERVIEW TECHNICAL DETAILS The BACT/ALERT® 3D Dual-T apparatus was designed for users who need to perform rapid and easy product control. Performing non-destructive, dual-temperature microbial detection, this alternative system offers its users the most reliable results. Automation Meets Tradition The BACT/ALERT® Dual-T apparatus represents the automation of a traditional method : after injecting culture media bottles with a given sample, users only need to load the bottles into their system. Both the incubation and reading phases are automatically and objectively performed : innovative method for microbial detection & sterility testing Simplified testing process Reduced “hands-on” time and labor costs Designed with our own patented colorimetric technology, this growth-based system can detect within 24-72 hours an extremely large range of organisms, such as aerobic, anaerobic, facultative microorganisms, yeast and fungi. The dual-temperature feature of this system guarantees a complete coverage of growth conditions – and is compliant with the different pharmacopoeias - allowing to conduct microbial detection at both 32.5°C and 22.5°C. To ensure accurate results’ traceability, we provide you with a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant data management syst

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