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Products - Bakery Products - SternEnzym. Enzyme Design – Tailor-Made Products for the Modern Food Industry.

Bakery Products

Our enzyme systems for bakery products can be used specifically to optimize nearly all the properties of bread, rolls and pastry goods. The benefit: lower production costs, and results that convince the consumer. Application SternEnzym product Principle enyzmes in product Function and effect Bakery products Bread, rolls, baking improvers Sternzym series Amylase, xylanase, carboxylesterase, oxidase Greater rising power Stabilizes the dough Biscuits, crackers Sternzym BK Protease, xylanase Softens the gluten Stabilizes the shape Browns Wafers Sternzym LQ Protease, xylanase Breaks down gluten Releases water Lessens cleavage Breadcrumb coatings Sternzym T Amylase, xylanase Better leavening Less added water

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