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Baobab Superfruit Snacks

Our proprietary technology transforms natural fruit into high nutrient content, low-moisture fruit chews suited to a wide range of food product applications. Moisture content and water activity can pose significant challenges for food manufacturers seeking to add dried fruit pieces to food products. These include: 

In dry and powdery products such as breakfast cereals, the higher water activity of dried fruits can result in moisture migration. 

Dried fruit is susceptible to mold and microbial growth. The pH and water activity levels in Baobab Superfruit Snacks make them intrinsically safe with naturally low microbial activity. 

In chocolate panned products, variable fruit moisture levels can cause blooming.

Our 100% fruit, Lower Moisture Baobab Superfruit Snacks have been specifically formulated to deal with these problems. Not only will they deliver the soft texture experience and flavor burst of dried or fresh fruit in a wide range of snacking, nut & trail mix, chocolate and cereal applications, but they also provide a host of nutritional benefits.

Highlights include:

  • Pure, natural, clean-label
  • No artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives
  • Standard 15% moisture content
  • Low water activity (0.40-0.55 aW)
  • Low pH (<4.2) does not support microbial growth
  • Unlimited flavor innovations
  • Flexible formulation design
  • Shelf-life is 15 months at 50 degrees F and 55% humidity.
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