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BARsoft™ is a highly functional protein designed to provide a soft texture, optimal sensory experience, and extended shelf-life in high protein bars. It provides the nutritional benefits of complete milk proteins while reducing moisture migration for a softer bar. Studies also show significantly reduced browning and hardening over the shelf-life of the bar, providing an enhanced consumer experience. As an all-in-one protein ingredient, BARsoft™ can be used as a 100% replacement of dairy protein ingredients and blends that manufacturers may use today.


• 100% dairy protein
• Significantly reduces browning and hardening over the shelf-life of the bar, up to 14 months
• Delivers nutritionally complete milk proteins
• High quality milk and whey protein


• >90% Protein
• Superior clean taste
• Ingredient shelf-life of 24 months


BARsoft™ 2000

• Baked Bars
• Extruded or Pressed Bars

BARsoft™ 5000

• Extruded or Pressed Bars

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