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BCM-95® an All in One formulation of natural curcumin & ar-turmerone, the most potent component of turmeric with its highest level of oral bioavailability is the outcome of the combination of modern and traditional knowledge.

BCM-95® for which there is no substitute has many edges over its competitors. It is the unique blend of the most active and potent components of turmeric viz., Curcuminoids & Ar-turmerone. This innovative product does not contain any non-turmeric components to render curcumin more bioactive.

Many other formulations contains non turmeric ingredients like piperine, lecithin, other chemicals etc. Authentic and independent studies have shown that the bioavailability increase in these formulations are not due to a rise in the unchanged free curcumin levels in the plasma but due to the presence of an increased level of its metabolites like glucuronides and sulfates.

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