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Beer & Wine Package Design Case Study & Press | TricorBraun

Beer & Wine Package Design

Packaging the World’s Most Treasured Beverages Just because beer and wine have been a beloved part of the human experience for centuries doesn’t mean their packaging has to be common. Far from it. Traditions in wine and beer packaging are evolving quickly along with consumer tastes and needs. And while the tried-and-true glass bottles are still the standard, crowded shelves at retail and the desire for convenience, portability, sustainability and a unique, distinctive difference have sparked a move toward innovation and creativity. Whether a beer or wine is aimed at tailgaters, craft beer lovers or true wine connoisseurs seeking a beverage for grand celebrations, with thoughtful design, your packaging can be both protective of flavor profiles and evocative of the carefully crafted product within. Cool, sleek and premium. Strong, distinctive and structural. Functional, approachable and fun. It’s your beverage. Bottle it with style.

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